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Experience Education

Its time to explore, ask questions and take action.

What if instead of just having anti-bullying programs we prevent the need for them? What if we taught in demand skills not found in a typical textbook?

Research shows that there is more to education than academics. We need a system that prepares students with skills for life and the world they are entering after graduation.

Can we, without ignoring current situations, educate a different culture of children? A culture of students with empathy and prosocial skills.

By changing the culture of our students, by teaching empathy, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, and soft skills from a very young age as part of our core curriculum, we could also help our students find lifelong success. When we engage students’ learning with these skills, and we create a safer experiential environment, we can increase students’ academic success.

Eastmont School District has already begun initiatives to reduce absenteeism and increase student interest. We will use hands on experiences and play at young ages, to teach empathy and social skills to do just that.

We may not be able to eliminate all safety concerns today or the need for standardized testing. We can continue to prioritize classroom and student experiences that builds soft skills. We can support our educators with the tools and resources to provide the positive learning that teaches more than just academics for test. We can be the community that supports our students’ success by building a school board that makes that happen.

I want to be part of that school board. I want to help Eastmont School build a culture of students that are teachable, coachable, and one day employable; students that have strong academic skills and the soft skill necessary to be successful after graduation.

Education should be a positive experience that readies students for success in the rest of life. Whether they are entering the arts, trades, or universities; they deserve to have all the skills to be successful. Students deserve to experience success.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Let's connect.